III Symposium - Downloads

 Below you can find plenary session presentations.

  1.  John Dudley, IYL 2015 President,
    "1000 years of optics, 50 years of solitons” 
  2. Eugen Arthurs, CEO SPIE
    “Photonics and Politics”

  3. Gerald Farrell, Dublin Institute of Technology,
    “Optical Fiber Sensing: Sensing solutions from the macro world to the micro world”

  4. Philip Russell, 2015 OSA President,
    "Gas, glass & light: Enhancing light-matter interactions in microstructured fibres"

  5. Francesco Baldini, 2015 SIOF President,
    "Optical biosensing in biomedical field”  

  6. Grzegorz Soboń, Wroclaw University of Technology,
    "Ultrafast fiber lasers based on graphene and other nanomaterials”

  7. Michał Makowski, Warsaw University of Technology,
    "Pico-projection based on real-time computer holography"
 If you are looking for Symposium photos click here.