Room temperature AlInAs/InGaAs/inP quantum cascade lasers

Piotr Gutowski, Piotr Karbownik, Artur Trajnerowicz, Kamil Pierściński, Dorota Pierscińska, Iwona Sankowska, Justyna Kubacka-Traczyk, Maciej Sakowicz, Maciej Bugajski


The room-temperature (300 K), pulsed mode operation of InP-based quantum cascade laser (QCL) is reported. This has been achieved by the use of lattice matched AlInAs/InGaAs/InP heterostructure. Its design follows a 4-well, 2-phonon resonance scheme. The QCL structures were grown by MBE in Riber Compact 21T reactor. The lasers utilize AlInAs waveguide and were grown exclusively by MBE without MOVPE regrowth. High operating temperatures have been achieved by careful optimization of growth and processing technology.

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