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Learn how the European access centre "ACTMOST" can facilitate your industrial product innovations through micro-photonic technology support, services and trainings - free of charge.

ACTMOST is a consortium of 14 high-tech research laboratories from 6 European members states that have joined to become a unique "one-stop-shop" solutions provider for micro-photonic technologies. ACTMOST will provide European companies with timely, cost-effective, and investment-free access to professional, cutting-edge micro-photonic technologies and knowledge to support the development of new products.

ACTMOST will organize its second workshop for Indrustry on Aprill 11th 2011 in Karlsruhe, Germany. During a half day program you will learn more about the different opportunities and added value that ACTMOST can provide to your company. This workshop is FREE and is open to all European companies interested in product innovation with micro-photonics.

Workshop poster (PDF)

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