32nd European Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter ECLIM 2012 PDF Print E-mail

Conference web-site: http://eclim2012.wat.edu.pl/

Conference venue: Warsaw, Polnad, September 10-14, 2012

The ECLIM Scientific conferences have been held to stimulate the research of laser interaction with matter. These conferences have been successful in the past where science knew no boundaries.

The ECLIM conference began as an informal workshop in 1966 in Frascati, Italy and has tried to maintain an informal character since then.

In the past, there have not been any parallel sessions so that all lectures presented could be attended by everyone during the five days of the conference.

The ECLIM concept follows the trend that each author is responsible for his own contribution so that practically all the submitted papers within the framework of the conference topics are accepted. Presentations are arranged for invited, oral or poster sessions by the Local Scientific Committee. The posters are an important integral part of the contributions and are properly exhibited to stimulate a large attendance.

It is customary that original contributions are published in Laser and Particle Beams after having been refereed according to the journal specifications.
The ECLIM International Scientific Committee (EISC) members are invited as scientists, not as official representatives of a country, a laboratory or any other institution. According to an almost forty-year tradition, it has always been an established fact that an EISC member remains in the committee as long as he agrees to uphold the following ECLIM framework.
- To suggest new scientific fields of interest, invited speakers, etc. to the Local Scientific Committee, taking into account that the final decisions will be maintained by this committee, composed mainly by scientists of the hosting country.
- To participate in the decision making of when and where the next conference will take place.
- To have the opportunity to arrange and promote the next conference.

The aim of the above procedure is to continue the tradition of ECLIM as an independent scientific conference, free of any institutional or political influence, keeping science without boundaries. It also guarantees the ongoing renewal of the conferences, organized by several different countries according to the choice and atmosphere created by the local prominent scientists.

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