An interferometric test station for massive parallel inspection of MEMS and MOEMS

Malgorzata Kujawinska, Kay Gastinger, Michal Jozwik, Karl Henrik Haugholt, Christoph Schaeffel, Stefan Beer


The paper presents the optical, mechanical, and electro-optical design of an interferometric inspection system for massive parallel inspection of Micro(Opto)ElectroMechanicalSystems (M(O)EMS). The basic idea is to adapt a micro-optical probing wafer to the M(O)EMS wafer under test. The probing wafer is exchangeable and contains a micro-optical interferometer arrays. Two preliminary interferometer designs are presented; a low coherent interferometer array based on a Mirau configuration and a laser interferometer array based on a Twyman-Green configuration. The optical design focuses on the illumination and imaging concept for the interferometer array. The mechanical design concentrates on the scanning system and the integration in a standard test station for micro-fabrication. The smart-pixel approach for massive parallel electro-optical detection and data reduction is discussed.

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