POLFEL - Free Electron Laser in Poland


  • Ryszard S. Romaniuk ISE, Warsaw Univ. Technology




Free electron laser in Poland ? POLFEL is a coherent light source of the IVth generation, characterized by very short pulses in the range of 10-100fs, of big power 0,2GW and UV wavelength of 27nm of average power 1W, with effective high power third harmonic of  9nm. The laser consists of a linear superconducting accelerator 100m in length, undulator and experimental lines. It generates a monochromatic and coherent radiation and can be tuned from THz range to UV. The linac works in quasi-CW or real-CW mode. It is planned by XFEL-Poland consortium as a part of the ESFRI priority EuroFEL infrastructure collaboration network, part of the ERA

Author Biography

Ryszard S. Romaniuk, ISE, Warsaw Univ. Technology

University Professor; Editor-in-Chief Ph.Let.PL;  Ed.Adv.Bd. Photonics Spectra; Research Director of ISE, FE&IT, WUT; Research Secretary, Committee of Electronics and Telecommunications, Polish Academy of Sciences; President D.D.Eisenhower Fellow; SPIE Fellow; Member: IEEE, OSA, EOS, Jury - The Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation, Polish Physical Society, Assoc.Pol.El.Eng., Photonics Society of Poland.





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R. S. Romaniuk, “POLFEL - Free Electron Laser in Poland”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 1, no. 3, pp. pp. 103–105, Sep. 2009.