Supercontinuum generation with microstructured fibers made of soft glass

Ryszard Buczyński, Dariusz Pysz, Ireneusz Kujawa, Jakub Korzeniowski, Tadeusz Martynkien, Francis Berghmans, Hugo Thienpont, Ryszard Stępień


In this paper we report on the fabrication of a micro-structured fiber made of in-house synthesized silicate glass, with a nonlinear Kerr refractive index of 4.0 10-15 cm2/W. The fiber uses three rings of holes around a slightly elliptical core with dimensions 2.6 um x 3.4 um. It has a birefringence of about 10-3 at 1.5 um and zero dispersion wavelengths at 860 nm and 870 nm. Using this fiber we have demonstrated ultra broadband supercontinuum generation in the 400-1600 nm range for a 19.5 cm sample pumped with 100 fs pulses with central wavelength of 755 nm and energy of 2 nJ. The broadband generation of 200 nJ in the 650-850 nm range with pulse energy at the level of 0.57 nJ is also observed with the same structure.

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