Tunable, gain switched Ti3+:Al2O3 laser pumped by intracavity frequency doubled, Nd3+:YLF laser

Łukasz Gorajek, Łukasz Gałecki


A room-temperature, coherently pumped, tunable titanium-sapphire laser was constructed and examined. For excitation diode pumped, a neodymium laser with intracavity frequency doubling was deployed. The Nd:YLF laser was emitting 1.3 mJ-pulses with the pulse duration of 50 ns. After conversion in LBO crystal, the 1.2 mJ of output energy was obtained at the 523 nm of the output wavelength. A tunable titanium-sapphire laser has been running in the gain switching regime. The 0.12 mJ output energy was obtained in a FWHM pulse length of 40 ns for the best case, which corresponded to 3 kW peak power. Tunability range was found between 753 nm and 820 nm. The pulse repetition rate was set to 200 Hz.

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