Photovoltaic performance of p-Si/Cd1-xZnxO heterojunctions


  • Huseyn Mamedov Baku State University
  • Syed Ismat Shah
  • Archil Chirakadze Georgian Technical University
  • Vusal Mammadov Baku State University
  • Vusala Mammadova
  • Khumar Ahmedova



Heterojunctions of p-Si/Cd1-xZnxO were synthesized by depositing of Cd1-xZnxO films on p-Si substrates by electrochemical deposition. The morphological properties of the films were studied by scanning microscopy. The electric and photoelectrical properties of heterojunctions were investigated depending on the deposition potential and films composition. Heterojunctions of p-Si/Cd1-xZnxO, which deposited at cathode potential of -1.2 V, shows good rectification (k=1640). Under AM1.5 conditions the maximal values of open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current, fill factor and efficiency of our best nano-structured cell, were Uoc = 442 mV, Jsc = 19.9 mA/cm2, FF = 0.59 and n = 5.1 %, respectively.

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H. Mamedov, S. I. Shah, A. Chirakadze, V. Mammadov, V. Mammadova, and K. Ahmedova, “Photovoltaic performance of p-Si/Cd1-xZnxO heterojunctions”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 26–28, Mar. 2018.