Luminescent properties of active optical fibers


  • Jacek Żmojda AGH - University of Science and Technology
  • Piotr Miluski
  • Marcin Kochanowicz
  • Jan Dorosz
  • Agata Baranowska
  • Magdalena Leśniak
  • Dominik Dorosz



Luminescent optical fibres are one of the most important photonics elements as they allow to construct high power fibre lasers and different unique optical sources in the broad range from UV to IR. The most important requirements cover efficient luminescence core materials and easily pumped optical fibre constructions. Depends on the applications the variety of optical fibres have been proposed based on glasses and polymers. In the paper some recent constructions developed in Bialystok Photonics Group have been shown.

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Author Biography

Jacek Żmojda, AGH - University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics

Department of Silicate Chemistry and Macromolecular Compounds

A. Mickiewicza Av. 30, 30-059 Krakow, Poland





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