Synthesis and deposition of Silver nanostructures on the silica microsphere by laser-assisted photochemical method for SERS applications


  • Thanh Binh Pham
  • Thuy Van Nguyen
  • Thi Hong Cam Hoang
  • Huy Bui
  • Thanh Son Pham
  • Van Phu Nguyen
  • Hoi Van Pham



The homogeneous distribution of nano-metallic structures on the surface-enhanced Raman (SERS) substrates plays an important factor for high-sensitive Raman scattering measurement. In this paper, we present a low-cost laser-assisted photochemical method for making a SERS probe based on silver nanostructures, which are one-timely synthesized nano-silver structures, homogeneously deposited on silica microsphere surfaces. Achieved SERS-activity substrates with a homogeneous distribution of Ag-nanostructures are verified by a mapping technique on the surface of Ag-coated microsphere for the detection of low concentration of Rhodamine 6G in aqueous solutions in a range of 10-4-10-9M. The obtained results show that a SERS microsphere probe has a good repetition of SERS-activity in any space of sensing area, and large potential for application in a biochemical sensing technique.

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