Alternative approach to variable wavelength interferometry


  • Dariusz Litwin Łukasiewicz Research Network-Tele- and Radio Research Institute
  • Kamil Radziak Łukasiewicz Research Network-Tele- and Radio Research Institute
  • Jacek Galas Łukasiewicz Research Network-Tele- and Radio Research Institute



The paper presents an alternative technique of calculation the retardance of quartz waveplates. The technique utilizes continuously tuned wavelength, which identifies the zero-order fringe and simultaneously facilitates high repeatability of the optical path difference across the entire visible spectrum. Unlike in classical method, precise monitoring of the current increase or decrease of the interference order is not required. The discussion includes comparison of the standard deviation between the classical and novel approaches.

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D. Litwin, K. Radziak, and J. Galas, “Alternative approach to variable wavelength interferometry”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 112–114, Dec. 2020.