Optimization of the ultra-flattened normal dispersion in photonic crystal fibers infiltrated with olive oil for supercontinuum generation

Hieu Van Le, Bien Chu Van, Dinh Thuan Bui, Trung Le Canh, Quang Ho Dinh, Dinh Nguyen Van Nguyen Van


This paper proposes a pure silica photonic crystal fiber (PCF), having its core infiltrated with olive oil, which allows achieving an ultra-flattened normal dispersion regime. As a result, the optimization processes allows us to achieve an ultra-flat normal dispersion in the range of over 682 nm within the wavelength range from 1446 to 2128 nm. Besides, the nonlinear coefficient of the selected PCF structure is extremely high (9.54 x 109 W-1.km-1 at 1550 nm). The proposed PCF structure could be very helpful in investigating the supercontinuum generation which has many potential applications in various promising areas such as spectroscopy, medical diagnostics, etc.

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