Application of different metrics for describing light color quality of white LED


  • Robert Supronowicz
  • Jiajie Fan
  • Maciej Listowski
  • Adam Watras
  • Irena Fryc



Using the example of the UV-excited Ca9KMg(PO4)7:1% Eu2+ phosphor, methods for characterizing the color quality of the light emitted by it at different operating temperatures are described. The effect of adopting two different colorimetric observers established by the International Commission on Illumination (i.e., the CIE 1931 observer with a viewing angle of two degrees and the CIE 2015 observer with a viewing angle of ten degrees) on the position of the chromaticity point of light emitted by phosphor is discussed. It was demonstrated that using the CIE 2015 photometric observer to determine the position of the chromaticity point, the tested phosphor is characterized by smaller changes in the color of emitted light as a function of operating temperature than when using the CIE 1931 observer.

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