Distortion correction for wide angle holographic projector


  • Jędrzej Szpygiel Warsaw University of Technology
  • Maksymilian Chlipała Warsaw University of Technology
  • Rafał Kukołowicz Warsaw University of Technology
  • Moncy Idicula Warsaw University of Technology
  • Tomasz Kozacki Warsaw University of Technology




numerical compensation of aberrations, wide angle holographic projector, distortion, holographic display, digital holography


This letter presents distortion correction method enabling distortion minimized, large size image in wide angle holographic projector. The technique applies numerical predistortion of an input image used for hologram generation. It is based on estimation of distortion coefficients by comparing optically reconstructed point test chart with the original one. Obtained experimental results prove that the technique allows reconstruction of high-quality image.

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J. Szpygiel, M. Chlipała, R. Kukołowicz, M. Idicula, and T. Kozacki, “Distortion correction for wide angle holographic projector”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 79–81, Dec. 2021.