Plasmonic sensor realized on metal-insulator-metal waveguide configuration for refractive index detection




In this work, a plasmonic sensor established on metal-insulator-metal waveguide configuration is proposed and numerically investigated for biosensing applications. The spectral and sensing characteristics of the device are examined via the two-dimensional finite element method. Sensitivity (Sbulk) and figure of merit (FOM) are two important parameters that are considered to determine the device performance. The Sbulk of the device is considered as a ratio between the change in resonance wavelength and change in the ambient refractive index. Whereas FOM is the ratio of Sbulk to full width at half maximum. The Sbulk and FOM offered by the device are ~825.7 nm/RIU and ~13.14, respectively. This work can provide a guideline for the realization of highly sensitive plasmonic sensing devices.

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Author Biography

Muhammad Ali Butt, Samara National Research University, Russia Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Muhammad Ali Butt (b. 1985) received his PhD degree in Material Sciences from Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain in year 2015. In 2018, he worked at Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland as a Research Assistant Professor. In 2013, he made a research stay at Optoelectronic research Centre (ORC), University of Southampton, England. Currently he works as a Senior Scientist at Samara National Research University, Russia. Research interests are optical waveguides, plasmonic sensors, diffractive optics, and optical filters. E-mail:




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