Analysis of ridges and grooves shape in grating coupler for optimization of integrated optics sensor structures.




integrated optics, shape of grating coupler, biosensor


The paper presents a theoretical analysis of a sensor structure based on a planar waveguide and grating coupler designed to determine selected physical properties of blood – hemoglobin concentration and oxidation level. In particular analysis were focused on optimization of selected geometrical properties of grating coupler (shape of ridges and grooves) to obtain maximum efficiency of uncoupling of light from the sensor structure. The analysis were carried out for three type of ridges and grooves shape in grating coupler: rectangular, triangular and sinusoidal.

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Author Biography

Przemysław Struk, Department of Optoelectronics Faculty of Electrical Engineering Silesian University of Technology

dr hab. inż. Przemysław Struk prof. PŚ.




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