Color quality consideration when switching from FL to LED




LED, fluorescent lamp, color quality


Fluorescent lamps (FLs) used for general lighting due to European Union legislation will be withdrawn from sale by 2023. The LEDs which are proposed as substitute of FL should provide the same quality of lighting and visual comfort. The research on substituting FL lamps is based on the multi-criteria parameterization. It is indicates that LEDs substituting the FLs may not meet the end user expectations due to the Color Preference Criteria. The paper compare typical FL (4100 K) lamp named by CIE as illuminant FL3.5 with its corresponding LED substitutes available on the market. The LED substitute selection criterion were value of Corelated Color Temperature (CCT) and chromaticity point which was must be within ellipse provided by ANSI C78.376 document for 4100 K CCT.

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