The optical E-band use in the NG-RAN/O-RAN radio signals transmission over ODN path



The paper presents results of the analysis of the occupancy of optical bands in the ODN by systems from the xPON family. The analysis results show that the free NG Option 2 range, located in the optical E-band, can be successfully used to transport the NG-RAN/O-RAN radio signals over the ODN path. Calculations showing the maximum range of optical fronthaul links for CPRI/eCPRI interfaces were performed. Analyzes supported by calculations and computer simulations were performed, which show the possibility of using optical E-band to transport the A-RoF (RFoF) radio signals over ODN using high radio frequencies approved by 3GPP for use in the NR interface of 5G Rel-17 mobile systems.

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