Geometry design in rerfractive capillary optical fibers


  • Ryszard S. Romaniuk ISE, Warsaw Univ. Technology



The work presents a design method of capillary optical fiber (COF) geometry. A change of proportions in the capillary optical fiber drawn from a single preform or a set of crucibles is allowed on-line via the control of overpressure and thermal conditions in the outflow meniscus, which essentially lowers the manufacturing costs. Navier-Stokes and Hagen-Poissuille equations, adapted to the COF pulling geometry, were solved. The velocity fields give solutions to other quantities of interest such as mass flow rate, pulling force and COF geometry, including controlled capillary expansion and collapse. The results for COFs are for the following dimensions: internal diameters 1-100um, external diameters 30-300um, dimensional stability 1%. The major issue of the work is lowering capillary fiber fabrication costs.

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Author Biography

Ryszard S. Romaniuk, ISE, Warsaw Univ. Technology

University Professor; Editor-in-Chief Ph.Let.PL;  Ed.Adv.Bd. Photonics Spectra; Research Director of ISE, FE&IT, WUT; Research Secretary, Committee of Electronics and Telecommunications, Polish Academy of Sciences; President D.D.Eisenhower Fellow; SPIE Fellow; Member: IEEE, OSA, EOS, Jury - The Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation, Polish Physical Society, Assoc.Pol.El.Eng., Photonics Society of Poland.





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