Real-time imaging for Spectral Optical Coherence Tomography with massively parallel data processing

Marcin Sylwestrzak, Maciej Szkulmowski, Daniel Szlag, Piotr Targowski


In this paper the application of massively parallel processing of Spectral Optical Coherence Tomography (SOCT) data with the aid of a low-cost Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) is presented. The reported system may be used for real-time imaging of high resolution 2D tomograms or for presenting volume data. The overall imaging speed is over 100 frames/second for 2D tomograms built of 1024 A-scans and 9 frames/second for 3D volume images containing 100 slices of 100 A-scans. This includes t he acquisition of 2048 pixels from a CCD camera per A-scan, data transfer to the processor, all necessary processing and rendering on the screen. As a contribution, the description of a data flow and parallel processing organization in a GPU is given.

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