Making computer-generated scratch holograms from three-dimensional virtual models


  • Angel G. Augier Calderín
  • Raul B. Sánchez Pérez



The scratch holography has been considered during many years by the optical community as a curiosity, being used only as an educational medium for teaching Optics. In this work we show the possibility of making more competitive the images that are obtained by this technique by means of hologravure. Hologravure is a way of making computer-generated scratch holograms from three-dimensional (3D) virtual models, represented as files in a 3D format by using appropriate software, and laser tracing on suitable material with a conventional computer driven CO2 engraver-laser system. Some interesting applications of hologravures are introduced and the corresponding reconstructing images are shown.

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A. G. Augier Calderín and R. B. Sánchez Pérez, “Making computer-generated scratch holograms from three-dimensional virtual models”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 2, no. 4, pp. pp. 153–155, Dec. 2010.