Noncoherent imagery: a novel approach


  • Jorge Ojeda-Castaneda University of Guanajuato, Mexico
  • C. M. Gómez-Sarabia University of Guanajuato, Mexico



We use an orthonormal expansion for relating the optical transfer function with the expectation values, as defined in quantum physics. A certain set of orthonormal functions is useful for writing the output irradiance distribution as a quasi Gabor expansion of the input irradiance distribution. The coefficients of this later expansion are cross correlations measurements of similarity. We show that the expectation values are related to the cross correlations coefficients by a discrete Fourier transform.

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Author Biography

Jorge Ojeda-Castaneda, University of Guanajuato, Mexico

Electronics Department, Professor


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J. Ojeda-Castaneda and C. M. Gómez-Sarabia, “Noncoherent imagery: a novel approach”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 2, no. 4, pp. pp. 159–161, Dec. 2010.