Optical absorption and photoluminescence studies of Dy3+: LCZSFB glasses

C. Madhukar Reddy, G. R Dillip, K. Mallikarjuna, B. Sudhakar Reddy, K. Vemasevana Raju, B. Deva Prasad Raju


Lead containing calcium zinc sodium fluoroborate [LCZSFB] glasses doped with different Dy3+ ion concentrations have been prepared and characterized through optical absorption and photoluminescence studies. The three phenomenological intensity parameters W? (?=2,4 and 6) hav been determined from the absorption spectral intensities using the Judd-Ofelt (J-O) theory. The hypersensitivity of 6H15/2 ? 6F11/2 transition based on the magnitude of W2 paramete has also been discusse. By using the J-O intensity parameters several radiative properties such as spontaneous transition probabilities, radiative branching ratios and radiative lifetimes have been determined. The effect of Dy3+ ion concentration on emission intensities has also been reported and stimulated emission cross section of emission transitions is also reported.

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