Room temperature AlGaAs/GaAs quantum cascade lasers


  • Maciej Bugajski Institute of Electron Technology



The room temperature (293K), pulsed mode operation of a GaAs-based quantum cascade laser (QCL) is reported. This has been achieved by the use of GaAs/Al0.45Ga0.55As heterostructure. Its design follows an "anticrossed-diagonal" scheme. The QCL structures were grown by MBE in a Riber Compact 21T reactor. The double trench lasers were fabricated using standard processing technology, i.e., wet etching and Si3N4 for electrical insulation. Double plasmon confinement with Al-free waveguide has been used to minimize absorption losses. High operating temperatures have been achieved by careful optimization of growth technology and using metallic high reflectivity facet coating on the back facet of the laser.  

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Maciej Bugajski, Institute of Electron Technology

Department of Physics and Technology of Low Dimensional Structures

Professor, Head of Department




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