Analysis of optical properties of InGaSb PIN photdiodes

Mehbuba Tanzid, Farseem Mannan Mohammedy


This paper represents the optical characteristics of InGaSb PIN photodiodes, grown on metamorphic layers of InGaSb, through the modeling of responsivity, quantum efficiency and detectivity. The modeling is based on the wavelength dependent models of absorption coefficient and reflectivity. Theoretical results are fitted with experimental data obtained for these photodiodes. The cut-off wavelength is found to be 2271nm, which is within ?5nm of the experimentally obtained data. The detectivity of the photodiodes is found to be 1.5(?0.1)×109cmHz1/2W-1 and quantum efficiency 28?3% through the analysis. Such modeling can be used to optimize the detection performance of InGaSb PIN photodiodes.  

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