Electroabsorption in vacuum-evaporated films of bathocuproine


  • Waldemar Stampor Gdansk University of Technology
  • A. Tykocki-Piłat Gdansk University of Technology




Electric field modulated absorption (EA) spectra were measured in vacuum evaporated films of bathocuproine (BCP), the phenanthroline derivative commonly used in organic light emitting diodes. The EA spectra are interpreted in terms of the standard Stark spectroscopy analysis using a comparison of the EA spectrum with first and second absorption derivatives. The dipole moment and polarizability changes upon photoexcitation were calculated for the lowest energy singlet excited states in BCP films. The excited states are recognized as Frenkel excitons carrying intramolecular charge transfer (CT) character.

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Author Biography

Waldemar Stampor, Gdansk University of Technology

Department of Electronic Phenomena,

Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics




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W. Stampor and A. Tykocki-Piłat, “Electroabsorption in vacuum-evaporated films of bathocuproine”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 3, no. 2, pp. pp. 64–66, Jun. 2011.