Liquid-Crystal Based Light Steering Optical Elements


  • Sergiy Valyukh IFM, Linköping Universitety
  • Iryna Valyukh IFM, Linköping Universitety
  • Vladimir Chigrinov Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



Potential abilities of active optical elements based on liquid crystals are investigated. We consider liquid crystal cells in which a desired distribution of the liquid crystal director is achieved by a non-uniform electric field and by inhomogeneous boundary conditions. The optical elements built on principles of diffractive optics are discussed.

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Author Biography

Sergiy Valyukh, IFM, Linköping Universitety

Assistant professor, Ph.D




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S. Valyukh, I. Valyukh, and V. Chigrinov, “Liquid-Crystal Based Light Steering Optical Elements”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 3, no. 2, pp. pp. 88–90, Jun. 2011.