Analysis of microstructure eutectic Tb3Sc2Al3O12-TbScO3 photonic properties


  • Agnieszka Mossakowska-Wyszynska IMiO PW
  • Marcin Kaczkan
  • Marcin Koba
  • Dorota Pawlak
  • Katarzyna Kołodziejak
  • Sebastian Turczyński



In this paper, a numerical analysis of self-organized microstructured dielectric eutectic photonic crystal properties is presented. In particular, we study the terbium-scandium-aluminum garnet - terbium-scandium perovskite structure Tb3Sc2Al3O12-TbScO3, grown by the micro-pulling down method. The self-organized dielectric microstructure is made of perovskite fibers embedded in a garnet phase matrix. In general, we analyzed the distribution of the electromagnetic field in the investigated periodic structures and the existence of a photonic band gap of such photonic crystals as a function of eutectic geometric parameters. Investigated structures do not reveal a wide photonic band gap, because of the low contrast of the refractive indices of individual phases.

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A. Mossakowska-Wyszynska, M. Kaczkan, M. Koba, D. Pawlak, K. Kołodziejak, and S. Turczyński, “Analysis of microstructure eutectic Tb3Sc2Al3O12-TbScO3 photonic properties”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 3, no. 3, pp. pp. 116–118, Sep. 2011.