Liquid crystals in waveguides for tuning and sensing


  • Kristiaan Neyts Universiteit Gent
  • Wout Decort
  • Hamidreza Azarinia Universiteit Gent
  • Pieter Vanbrabant Universiteit Gent
  • Richard James Universiteit Gent
  • Jeroen Beeckman Universiteit Gent



The orientation of liquid crystal in the neighborhood of an optical waveguide determines the propagation speed and the losses in the waveguide. This principle can be used for tuning the resonance frequency of a ring resonator or for sensing the presence of molecules at the interface between water and liquid crystal. In this work, experimental evidence and qualitative explanations are provided for these two cases.

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K. Neyts, W. Decort, H. Azarinia, P. Vanbrabant, R. James, and J. Beeckman, “Liquid crystals in waveguides for tuning and sensing”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 3, no. 1, pp. pp. 17–19, Mar. 2011.