Multispectral phase shifting interferometry algorithm


  • Michal Wengierow Warsaw University of Technology
  • Leszek Salbut Warsaw University of Technology
  • Maciej Wielgus Warsaw University of Technology



Standard phase shifting interferometry (PSI) algorithms are used to obtain phase map from fringe patterns. Their spectral properties can by analyzed using frequency transform function (FTF). In this paper new multispectral phase shifting interferometry algorithm (mPSI) has been proposed. It is combination of two simpler PSI algorithms and enables filtering out unwanted high frequency fringes from the image. It can be used to increase measurement range of standard interferometry by analyzing fringe pattern created by multiplication of two other fringe patterns recorded with the use two different wavelength. Numerical simulations of mPSI algorithm and results from real setup are shown in the paper.

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M. Wengierow, L. Salbut, and M. Wielgus, “Multispectral phase shifting interferometry algorithm”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 4, no. 2, pp. pp. 60–62, Jun. 2012.