THz Scanner Based on Planar Antenna-Supplied Silicon Field-Effect Transistors


  • D. Yavorskiy University of Warsaw
  • J. Marczewski Institute of Electron Technology
  • K. Kucharski Institute of Electron Technology
  • P. Kopyt Institute of Radioelectronics
  • W. Gwarek Institute of Radioelectronics
  • M. Ratajczyk VIGO System S.A.
  • W. Knap TERALAB & L2C CNRS
  • B. Piętka University of Warsaw
  • J. Łusakowski University of Warsaw



A scanning device for imaging at THz frequencies was designed and constructed. The device comprised a 335~GHz source of radiation, an x-y-z translation stages, a number of optical elements and a detector. The detector was a silicon field-effect transistor supplied with a resonant antenna and a low-noise preamplifier. With a detector response of 10~V/W and a source power of 10~mW we could generate images in a DC mode with a speed limited only by the velocity of the stages movement.

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