Confocal microscopy of plasmonic hybrid nanostructures


  • Lukasz Bujak
  • Bartosz Krajnik
  • Maria Olejnik
  • Nikodem Czechowski
  • Dawid Piatkowski
  • Sebastian Mackowski



We describe the results of confocal microscopy imaging of a hybrid nanostructure composed of elongated gold nanoparticles and light-harvesting complexes LH2 from purple bacteria. The images obtained for the hybrid nanostructure feature strong inhomogeneity of fluorescence intensity as well as its higher average value in comparison with the reference. Both are the result of plasmon excitations generated in metallic nanoparticles. We observe that excitation into longitudinal plasmon resonance of the nanorods (808nm) yields larger fluorescence enhancement than for excitation of the transverse mode (556nm).

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L. Bujak, B. Krajnik, M. Olejnik, N. Czechowski, D. Piatkowski, and S. Mackowski, “Confocal microscopy of plasmonic hybrid nanostructures”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 4, no. 1, pp. pp. 14–16, Mar. 2012.