Green upconversion emission in tellurite optical fibre codoped with Yb3+/Er3+


  • Marcin Kochanowicz Bialystok University of Technology
  • Wojciech Mazerski Bialystok University of Technology
  • Jacek Żmojda Bialystok University of Technology
  • K. Czajkowski Bialystok University of Technology
  • Dominik Dorosz Bialystok University of Technology



In the paper the spectroscopic properties of Yb3+/Er3+ codoped tellurite glass has been investigated. Upconversion luminescence at 525 nm, 546 nm, 651 nm corresponding to the Er3+: 2H11/2 -> 4I15/2, 4S3/2 -> 4I15/2, 4F9/2 -> 4I15/2 transitions, respectively was obtained as a result of energy transfer between Yb3+ and Er3+ ions. Developed tellurite glass characterized by highest intensity of upconversion luminescence (0.5mol% Yb(2O3/0.1mol% Er2O3) was used as core of optical fiber. The amplified spontaneous emission in the fabricated optical fiber resulting from the optical transition in the structure of erbium was observed.

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Kochanowicz, M., Mazerski, W., Żmojda, J., Czajkowski, K., & Dorosz, D. (2013). Green upconversion emission in tellurite optical fibre codoped with Yb3+/Er3+. Photonics Letters of Poland, 5(1), pp. 35–37. lett. pl.v5i1.372