Nitride-based laser diodes and superluminescent diodes

Piotr Perlin, Szymon Stańczyk, Anna Kafar, Agata Bojarska, Łucja Marona, Robert Czernecki, Grzegorz Targowski, Grzegorz Muzioł, Henryk Turski, Ewa Grzanka, Szymon Grzanka, Przemek Wiśniewski, Stephen Najda, Tomasz Czyszanowski, Michał Leszczyński, Czesław Skierbiszewski, Robert Kucharski, Tadeusz Suski


We report on the development of nitride laser diode technology leading towards higher optical power, better quality and larger versatility of these devices. In particular we discuss new concepts introduced in Institute of High Pressure Physics “Unipress” such as: new design of the laser diode waveguide by profiting from plasmonic substrate properties of the material, design and fabrication of high optical power laser diode arrays, construction of high power nitride based superluminescent diodes and high-indium content devices grown by molecular beam epitaxy.

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