Low-phonon tellurite glass co-doped with Tm3+/Ho3+ ions for optical fibre technology

Jacek Mariusz Zmojda, Marcin Kochanowicz, Dominik Dorosz


In this paper the material and optical properties of tellurite glasses co-doped with Tm3+/Ho3+ ions were investigated. Near infrared luminescence at the wavelength of 2060 nm (5I7 -> 5I8) in holmium ions was obtained as a result of energy transfer between Tm3+ and Ho3+ ions. The energy transfer (ET) between Tm3+ -> Ho3+ ions was investigated pumping at 795 nm. As a result of optimization of rare earth concentration the best efficiency of energy transfer in fabricated glasses was obtained for molar composition 0.2mol%Tm2O3: 0.2mol%Ho2O3.

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