Resonantly pumped, Q-switched Ho:YLF laser with output energy of 5 mJ at 1 kHz

Jacek Kwiatkowski, Jacek Swiderski, Waldemar Zendzian, Jan Karol Jabczynski, Lukasz Gorajek, Mateusz Kaskow


A continuous-wave (CW) and Q-switched operation of a Ho:YLF laser resonantly, single-pass pumped by a Tm: fiber laser operating at a wavelength of 1940nm is presented. At room temperature, for an output coupler of 40% transmission, a maximum CW output power of 11.5W for 32.5W of incident pump power was achieved, corresponding to a slope efficiency of 40%. Applying Q-switching operation, and under CW pumping regime, the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) was changed from 1 to 10kHz. The maximum average output power of 11.23W at the PRF of 10kHz was obtained. Lowering the PRF to 1kHz allows achieving pulse energy of 4.97mJ in a 19ns pulse corresponding to the maximum peak power of 260kW. The Ho:YLF laser operated at the wavelength of 2050.5nm with a FWHM line width of 1.09nm. The output parameters of the laser radiation are sufficient enough to be used for range finding or for pumping mid-infrared optical parametric oscillators.

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