Fast calculation of computer-generated hologram for RGB and depth images using wavefront recording plane method


  • Naohisa Okada
  • Tomoyoshi Shimobaba Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University, Japan
  • Yasuyuki Ichihashi
  • Ryutaro Oi
  • Kenji Yamamoto
  • Takashi Kakue
  • Tomoyoshi Ito



In a three-dimensional display by a computer-generated hologram?(CGH), fast computation of CGH is required. In this paper, in order to accelerate CGH generation, the following two methods are used; the first method is band-limited double-step Fresnel diffraction. Compared with the convolution-based diffraction, such as angular spectral method, the proposed method requires less computational time and memory. The second method is a wavefront recording plane (WRP) method which reduces the calculation amount by placing WRPs in the vicinity of the object. We succeeded in speeding up CGH calculation by combining the two methods.

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