Crystal growth and Characterization of an NLO material: L-cysteinium Sodium Nitrate Chloride (LCSNC)


  • V Azeezaa Sathyabama University
  • A Arul Pragasam Joseph Sathyabama University
  • T.G Sunitha Pachaiyappa's college



In the present work, L-Cysteinium Sodium Nitrate Chloride (LCSNC) an organic nonlinear optical material has been synthesized by slow evaporation method. Crystalline nature was confirmed by single crystals X-ray diffraction analysis. The UV-Vis transmittance spectrum shows that the crystal has a good optical transmittance in the entire visible region with lower cutoff wavelength 203 nm. The various functional groups and chemical compositions of the grown crystal have been derived from FTIR spectral analysis. Both the dielectric constant and dielectric loss decrease with the increase in frequency. The SHG efficiency was measured by employing powder Kurtz method.

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Author Biographies

V Azeezaa, Sathyabama University


Research scholar

A Arul Pragasam Joseph, Sathyabama University



T.G Sunitha, Pachaiyappa's college


Assistant Professor




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V. Azeezaa, A. A. P. Joseph, and T. Sunitha, “Crystal growth and Characterization of an NLO material: L-cysteinium Sodium Nitrate Chloride (LCSNC)”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 6, no. 3, pp. pp. 105–107, Sep. 2014.