Photochemical bonding of special optical fibers


  • Slawomir Ertman Warsaw University of Technology
  • Monika Bielska Warsaw University of Technology
  • Aleksandra Czapla Warsaw University of Technology
  • Krzysztof Domosławski Warsaw Univeristy of Technology
  • Miłosz Chychłowski Warsaw University of Technology
  • Karolina Reszka Warsaw University of Technology
  • Tomasz R. Woliński Warsaw University of Technology



The most popular method for permanent connecting of an optical fibers is a thermal bonding with a fusion or filament splicers. However this method in some cases is not suitable, for example if connected fibers are made of materials with different melting temperatures (i.e. silica and “soft glass fibers) or in the case of microstructured optical fibers filled with materials, which are highly sensitive for high temperature (i.e. organic materials such a liquid crystals). In this work we will present some practical issues of an alternative method of permanent connecting of various types of optical fibers by gluing with use of photo-curable adhesives.

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