Luminescence from ascorbate-stabilized Er2O3 nanoparticles


  • Jesus Castaneda-Contreras
  • Virginia F. Maranón-Ruiz
  • Marco Antonio Menéses-Nava
  • Roger Chiu Zárate
  • Ruben A. Rodríguez-Rojas
  • Héctor Pérez Ladrón de Guevara



We report a novel method to stabilize Er2O3 nanoparticles with ascorbate ligands. The Er2O3 nanoparticles had strong green and red emissions with sharp and well defined emission peaks. In addition, less intense UV, blue and NIR emissions were also detected. The luminescence was recorded under dynamical pumping at 525 nm, 805 nm, and 975 nm. An enhancement of the red emission is observed when the nanoparticles were pumped at 975 nm. We suggest this was due to the absorption cross sections involved in the different pumping schemes.

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