Spectroscopic properties of heavy metal oxide glasses doped with Er3+ ions for mid-infrared applications

Tomasz Ragin, Jacek Mariusz Zmojda, Marcin Kochanowicz, Dominik Dorosz


In this paper, bismuth-germanate glasses doped with erbium ions have been synthesized. The composition of glass has been selected in terms of good thermal stability, high transparency in the near infrared region and high refractive index. The luminescence at a wavelength of 1534nm has been obtained as a result of radiative transition 4I13/24I15/2 in erbium ions due to 98 nm laser diode excitation. Different emission intensity in produced glasses has been observed as a result of various molar concentration of erbium in the glass matrix. The highest luminescence value has been obtained in glass doped with 1.0 mol% Er2O3.

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