All Optical Microwave Frequency Division by 2<sup>n</sup>


  • Taraprasad Chattopadhyay Visva-Bharati University
  • Prosenjit Bhattacharyya Visva-Bharati University
  • Chiranjib Ghosh Visva-Bharati University



This paper presents the concept and analysis of an all optical divide-by-2n microwave frequency divider. It uses a Mach-Zehnder light intensity modulator with 100% modulation IM index which is utilized to generate a subharmonic optical sideband. This optical sideband when mixed with the optical carrier in a photodiode produces a difference frequency signal which is a sub-harmonic (divided-by-2) of the primary modulation frequency. This all optical circuit is simple, novel and low noise in character.

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