Graphene nanoplatelets size analysis based on sample transparency


  • Zofia Lorenc Warsaw University of Technology
  • Sławomir Tomczewski Warsaw University of Technology
  • Leszek Sałbut Warsaw University of Technology



The paper presents transmission characteristics of different graphene samples. Predicting affiliation to groups characterized by different size nanoplatelets and describing character of pastes was the aim of presented work. To achieve this goal authors used simple optical system in which a plane wave illumination of the sample and a telecentric imaging system were used. Analysis of intensity histograms and lowest transmission regions of nanaplatelets were done. To create a model from measured parameters, authors applied decision tree using leave-one-out cross-validation to fairly evaluate the results. Model allows to predict the size of nanoplatelets.

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Author Biographies

Zofia Lorenc, Warsaw University of Technology

Faculty of Mechatronics

Sławomir Tomczewski, Warsaw University of Technology

Faculty of Mechatronics

Leszek Sałbut, Warsaw University of Technology

Faculty of Mechatronics




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Z. Lorenc, S. Tomczewski, and L. Sałbut, “Graphene nanoplatelets size analysis based on sample transparency”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 7, no. 4, pp. pp. 118–120, Dec. 2015.