World-smallest fiber-GRIN lens system for optofluidic applications


  • Adam Filipkowski
  • Bernard Piechal
  • Dariusz Pysz
  • Ryszard Stepien
  • Jarosław Cimek
  • Andrew Waddie
  • Mariusz Klimczak
  • Paulina Stafiej
  • Mohammad R. Taghizadeh
  • Ryszard Buczynski University of Warsaw



We have developed a new type of an optical fiber probe which integrates the standard single mode fiber with a gradient index (GRIN) microlens. The system is perfectly suited for optofluidic sensor applications since the diameter of the lens module is exactly the same as the diameter of the optical fiber. Moreover, the performance of the GRIN lens is not degraded by low contrast of the refractive index between of the lens and the fluidic environment. The GRIN lens is made with novel technology of nanostructured optics.

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