Spectroscopic pigment identification in ornamentation tiles (XIII - XV ac) from Aveh, Qom and Masshad in Iran


  • Iwona Żmuda-Trzebiatowska
  • Małgorzata Rudnicka
  • Ewelina Miśta
  • Maryam Kolbadinejad
  • Arash Lashkari
  • Paweł Kalbarczyk
  • Damian Włodarczyk
  • Gerard Śliwiński




In this work the Raman spectroscopy and complementary techniques are used to identify and compare pigment components in the ornamentation tiles excavated in archaeological sites of Aveh, Qom, and Masshad in Iran, which are dated for XIII – XV c. Results indicate on use of different blue pigments for production of tiles found in sites distanced by ca 100km, the usage of Fe oxide based ochre and red pigments in mixtures and confirm advanced luster technique with Pb-rich oxides and traces of corroded Ag.

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I. Żmuda-Trzebiatowska, “Spectroscopic pigment identification in ornamentation tiles (XIII - XV ac) from Aveh, Qom and Masshad in Iran”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 8, no. 2, pp. pp. 57–59, Jun. 2016.