Propagation of a laser pulse in a three-level cascade atomic medium under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency


  • Minh Dong Hoang
  • Van Doai Le
  • Ngoc Sau Vu
  • Xuan Khoa Dinh
  • Nguyen Huy Bang



We study the propagation dynamics of a single pair of probe and coupling laser pulses in a three-level cascade atomic medium by numerical solving the Maxwell-Bloch equations for atoms and fields. Influences of the pulse durations, intensity and pulse area of the coupling laser on the probe laser propagation are investigated. We found the conditions that the undistorted probe pulse in such medium, i.e., the EIT effect is established. Under EIT conditions, the ground state population is trapped in a dark state.

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M. D. Hoang, V. D. Le, N. S. Vu, X. K. Dinh, and N. H. Bang, “Propagation of a laser pulse in a three-level cascade atomic medium under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 8, no. 3, pp. pp. 73–75, Sep. 2016.