A Novel 1.31 um Narrow-band TE-Mode filter Design based on PBG Shift in 2D Photonic Crystal Slab


  • Lallam Farah
  • Abri Badaoui Hadjira university of tlemcen
  • Abri Mehadji




In this letter, a novel 1.31 um narrow-band TE-Mode filter design based on photonic band gap shift in 2D photonic crystal slab with triangular lattice air holes has been proposed using the 2D-FDTD method to numerically modeling the proposed filter device. The structure is achieved by the association of three waveguides W1KA coupled in cascade arrangement within the same cell of PC with triangular lattice with single removed full row. A modulated Gaussian pulse is used to provide a wide-band excitation at any desired position inside the computational domain of the photonic crystal. The best filter configuration performances in terms of filtering and transmission is found for 60 inclusions with maximum of transmission around 80 % localized near 1.31 um

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Author Biographies

Lallam Farah

 department of telecommunication


Abri Badaoui Hadjira, university of tlemcen

 department of telecommunication


Abri Mehadji

Doctor, departement of telecommunication




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L. Farah, A. B. Hadjira, and A. Mehadji, “A Novel 1.31 um Narrow-band TE-Mode filter Design based on PBG Shift in 2D Photonic Crystal Slab”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 8, no. 3, pp. pp. 82–84, Sep. 2016.