Dual-wavelength passively Q-switched Erbium-doped fiber laser with MWCNTs slurry as saturable absorber

Siti Nur Fatin Zuikafly, Fauzan Ahmad, Mohd Haniff Ibrahim, Anas Abdul Latiff, Sulaiman Wadi Harun


In this work, a compact, stable dual-wavelength Q-switched laser with a multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) slurry as saturable absorber (SA) which is independent of any host polymer has been demonstrated. The MWCNTs slurry is fabricated and the peak shift is investigated using Raman spectroscopy.The passively Q-switched erbium-doped fiber laser (EDFL) oscillated simultaneously at 1532.32 nm and 1556.97 nm with 24.67 nm peak separation, at threshold and maximum input power of 26mW and 74mW respectively.By increasing the input pump power from 36 mW to 74 mW, the pulse train repetition rate increases from 25 kHz to 78 kHz, while the pulse width is reduced from 17.84 us to 5.24 ?s. The generated pulse produced maximum pulse energy and maximum peak power of 11.97 nJ and 2.05 mW, respectively at maximum input pump power. The recorded signal to noise ratio is about 62 dB and shows that the proposed MWCNTs slurry based SAis able to generate dual wavelength Q-switched pulse laser with high stability pulse.

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