Dynamic characteristics of nanocomposite on the basis of porous Al2O3 doped by liquid crystal with magnetite under carbon monoxide influence

Maria Vistak, Taras Prystay, Vasyl Petryshak, Orest Sushynskyi, Zinoviy Mikityuk


In this paper dynamics characteristics of nanocomposite on the basis of cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) with magnetite dopant introduced into porous structures are studied. We studied the behavior of spectral characteristics of transmittance of CLC2103L with Fe3O4 introduced in porous structures of Al2O3 under carbon monoxide influence. The diameter pores of Al2O3 is 20 nm, 35 nm and 50 nm, and CO concentration is in the range of 0-100 mg/m3. Interaction of investigated nanocomposite is the most intensive in the first minutes of CO influence. Further increase of interaction time does not lead to changes in the structure of the CLC.

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